Your hips were made for walking....but....

If you spend a lot of time sitting in chairs or driving, chances are your hips are feeling pretty tight and aren’t working their best.

Building strong, mobile hips can help decrease low back pain, improve your knee health, and support pelvic floor function. Plus, of course, it means hips that feel better and are less likely to wear out. Functional, mobile hips are also what you need for a healthy walking technique.

In Hip Hip Hooray, you’ll find a step-by-step exercise program to help you build better hip mobility. You’ll get the tools to build a personalized hip mobility program that will let you:
-      Increase your hip ranges of motion in all directions
-      Build new strength and control in your hips
-      Help you walk in a way that sustains and nourishes your long term health
-      Improve how your hips feel and function
-      Create a personalized hip mobility program so you can see lasting changes that work for your body

Hip Hip Hooray is a masterclass in building hip mobility based on the Functional Range Conditioning mobility system. You’ll get all the tools you need to build and maintain better hip mobility.

Each course section offers a set of exercises that will, if done regularly, create visible and lasting changes in your ranges of motion and your ability to control that range of motion.

Walking is one of the most important movement patterns that nourishes long term health. And hip mobility is one of the keys to better walking. So I’ve designed this program to help you create the mobility you need to improve your walking technique.

In order to walk well, we need to shift our propulsion mechanism from one that’s primarily leaning forward and letting gravity pull us along, to one that’s driven by our muscles - primarily our hamstrings and glutes.

To achieve this – known as posterior push-off, we need specific hip mobility requirements. This course will cover all the main motions of the hips to get you walking better than you ever knew was necessary!

I feel like you give a lot of yourself and truly stand beside your course members as a coach and mentor... I really enjoy how you have built a community and feel like I’m part of the movement underground, and one day we will be victorious over the sports shoe and chair industries.

Helen S.

I love learning from Petra, and the Joints for Life course was a great introduction for me to the CARS mobility work. My creaks and cracks have subsided and my range of motion is much improved. I can’t wait to progress my practices with these accessible movements as I continue to do them.

Debbie K.

I’m so aware right now of the importance of hip rotation. Been adding that to my class warm-ups in a gentle way and people are amazed! 

Cat S.

What You're Going To Find Waiting For You....

  Welcome & How To Use This Program
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days after you enroll
  Start here: Assessments, Safety, Hip CARs 101
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Hip Internal Rotation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Hip External Rotation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Hamstrings (AKA hip flexion)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Hip Extension
Available in days
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  Hip Ab/Ad-duction
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  Bonus Videos
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Build strong mobile hips so you can walk better

Learn About Your Hips & Walking

Walking is a fundamental human movement that we all need.

Walking is not optional if we want to live well as we get older. But if our hips aren't strong & mobile, our walking really suffers.

Here's a bonus videos straight out of Hip Hip Hooray to show you why hip mobility matters for walking, and why I made this program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hip Hip Hooray Masterclass?

Hip Hip Hooray is a joint mobility program focused on helping you build hip strength, range of motion and control. It’s designed specifically to help you improve the ranges required for better walking – which is all of them.

I’ve created it as a masterclass assuming that you will be familiar with my work and the basic principles of better walking (aka posterior push off) but it will benefit all human bodies even if you haven’t taken one of my other more foundational programs (Take10 or Build Better Feet).

If you’re already familiar with posterior push off and walking, you’ll find this class will help you create more hip extension, longer and stronger hamstrings, improved pelvic listing and more control in external hip rotation.

What does the Hip Hip Hooray Masterclass include?

Hip Hip Hooray is designed to help you create your own personalized hip mobility program.

It starts with assessment so that you can set your priorities and track your progress. It will also teach you the foundational movement patterns we’ll use in the program, called Hip Controlled Articular Rotations.

After that, there are 5 modules focused on the different movements of the hip: internal rotation and external rotation, hip flexion (aka hamstrings), hip extension and hip abduction and adduction.

All of these are important for healthy hips and for better walking, and should be explored in the order I’ve provided the classes.

You’ll also get guidance on how to create your own personal hip mobility practice, which is how you’ll create long term change.

Total video instruction time including all the bonus and foundation videos is around 5 hours and there's a simple printable to help you plan your workouts.

What exercise equipment will I need?

You’ll need some basic equipment to get the most out of this program.

Ideally you’ll have a yoga block, tennis balls or similar small balls, and a pair of strong dowels or Mobility Sticks.

However, none of these are absolutely necessary and you can substitute them with ordinary household objects if you prefer.

I have a busy life! What’s the time commitment required by this program.

The main classes are around 45 minutes each. I suggest doing one every 2-6 weeks (and using it as a refresher as needed). The real changes created by this program will come from your self practice, which I recommend doing 3-5x weekly for about 20 minutes.

Is the Hip Hip Hooray Masterclass for me if I have a hip replacement, hip arthritis, labral tear or hip osteoporosis?

No, I don’t recommend it if you have any of this in your history.

Although the exercises would likely be helpful for any of these issues, it would be better for you to work 1-1 with me or another Functional Range Conditioning teacher so that they can be modified appropriately for your body.

Still not sure? Shoot me an email and I'll be happy to answer your questions.

Cost? Is there a money-back guarantee?

Hip Hip Hooray is a one-time purchase that you can keep forever. It’s $85 USD and it has lifetime benefits. And because I am so sure you’re going to love Hip Hip Hooray, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. So you literally have nothing to lose!

I’m in Canada, why is this program priced in USD?

When I first started creating online courses, I had to make a decision about currency. Since more of my online students are international than Canadian, it made sense to me to work in US dollars.

How does the program work? What platform is it on?

The Hip Hip Hooray program is hosted on Teachable. When you sign up, you get access to the entire program, for life (it’s even entirely downloadable). You can work through it at your own pace, and then keep it for reference whenever you need to check back in.

Get your hips screaming HOORAY!

Hi! I'm Petra

When I’m not camping, hiking, travelling the world in our Toyota 4Runner and living barefoot on surf beaches with my partner Chris, I’m coaching other active movement-lovers on how to bullet-proof their bodies, from the ground up.


I’ve been obsessed with movement ever since I was a lawyer working in the corporate trenches and long distance running – my only stress relief – broke my bodt completely. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, flat feet, pelvic floor stuff, shoulder pain and nerve issues ended my gym career but started my movement journey.

Learning how to fix my own body and get my life back was my first step in realizing that we all have the power to create vibrant health by making better movement choices. From there it was an easy choice to leave the corporate world and start sharing this incredibly powerful approach with anyone who's interested in natural health and wellness.


Since I left law and started movement coaching, I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to take charge of their physical health through better movement.

I'm certified by Nutritious Movement to teach Restorative Exercise and I'm a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. I've also studied Kinstretch, MovNat & the Roll Model Method, and my teaching is a mix of all the best stuff from everything I've found.